Yesterday I finally took the JLPT N4 exam. It takes me about 100+ hours to study and prepare for this exam this year. I once tried to learn Japanese in my 100 days challenge last year but failed, so this year I set the JLPT N4 as my annual goal.

I don’t have Japanese basic, every time I restart my Japanese study program I almost re-learn the 50 sounds Hiragana and Katakana. Online resource has less systematic, so this time I start with 大家學標準日本語, 3 volumes from easy to hard.

My reading list:

  • Vocabulary
    • 考前衝刺,日檢N5單字全面征服指南
    • 考前衝刺,日檢N4單字全面征服指南
  • Systematic series
    • 大家學標準日本語【初級本】
    • 大家學標準日本語【中級本】
    • 大家學標準日本語【高級本】
  • Grammar
    • 精裝本‧精修關鍵字版:新制日檢‧絕對合格 N1、N2、N3、N4、N5必背文法大全
  • Practice Test
    • 合格全攻略!新日檢 6 回全真模擬試題

JLPT results will be announced in late August. Hope I can pass it.

During preparation for the JLPT exam, I found I should also take more time to sharpen my English skill, so I decided to write my blog in English. Might not be easy but let’s see how I can persist.