Taking Control of My Data: My Journey Building Personal PWAs

Over the past year, I have developed 5 PWAs to integrate with my daily life. The data is managed on my personal server, which provides me with a great sense of satisfaction.

The apps I have built include:

  • Pomodoro: a timer for productivity
  • Zen: a meditation timer
  • Workout: an app for recording gym workouts and aerobics
  • Wealth: an app for recording investments (i.e. stocks and cryptocurrencies)
  • Dashboard: an app for displaying system information and miscellaneous data

To integrate everything, I built a server and lots of workers.

The Best Part

There are no ads or poorly designed user interfaces – only the interface that I need and want to use every day. If I feel that the layout is not good or have some new idea, I can update it immediately.

Limitations of iOS PWA

Currently, PWAs on iOS Safari have certain limitations. The Wake lock API, Health API, Widget API, Dynamic Island API, etc. are not enabled. However, the system is becoming increasingly compatible with more functionality. Furthermore, it is possible to use these PWAs across devices, including notebooks and PCs.

Next step

More Apps

Recently, I have been recording daily nutrition data using Fatsecret. After a month, I think it’s time to build my own nutrition app. Additionally, I would like to build a task app. I have been using Google Tasks for a while, which can integrate with Gmail and Google Calendar. Although it is excellent, I find it not easy to separate my to-do list from my routine list. Therefore, I want to create my own task app. Lastly, I would like to build a habit app, which can integrate with my workout and Zen apps (I am currently using Stride).

Looking back a year ago, I was using Forest for Pomodoro, Insight timer for meditation, Strong for workouts, and multiple financial apps. However, after building these apps, I have complete control over my data and user experience.

After testing my needs for several months, I can build an app without double-checking if I really need it.

AI Integration

OpenAI offers numerous useful APIs for integration, and I think there might be some interesting integration opportunities with my personal database.