Matsu Kaliu

Last month, my wife and I spent about 2 weeks in Matsu, where time seemed to be frozen on the island. The pace was slow enough to ride a bike on the road at 25 km/hr without any other vehicles around, feeling the wind gently brush through the face.

I found it very correct to bring the book “Four Thousand Weeks” to Matsu. I slowly read this book during the travel. The book discusses the concept of “life is enough for everyone”, we just have to enjoy the moment and don’t blame ourselves too much.

This is “Agave sisalana”, which is kind of Agavaceae. These plants can defend against enemies coming from the sea in history.

Lots of Agave sisalana on the island.

Matsu is composed of several islands. This is Daqiu Island, as known as Sika Deer Island.

The name “Matsu” is come from the Goddess Mazu, Holy Mother of Heaven. There are many temples on the island.

Cute stone lion.

There is an amazing part of this journey, we got COVID on the second day when we arrived in Matsu. However, we only felt a little bit tired and may have fever at night, so we continued to explore in the mornings and rested after lunch at a very slow pace. We then realized that the food had become less enjoyable during the trip, and suddenly we found out that we can barely smell anything! so the food without the aroma is very hard to enjoy.

One night, the “Blue Tear” blast along the coast, the light from the waves is dazzled, and the air from the sky is exceptionally clean because we cannot smell the salty scent from the air. We played with the blue tears on the beach with a little fever. Everything just felt magical. I even thought maybe I’m already dead!

I really enjoy this travel and love the peacefulness on the island.

Life is enough. You don’t have to prove yourself to anybody.

P.S. “Kaliu” means “Come to play” in the local language of Matsu.